The experiment/survey ended 20 September 1998. 4940 persons have filled out the questionnaires. Thanks to all of you.

The results from the survey

The winners have been contacted directly (they have all given me their e-mail-addresses).


Pool 1 (the sweepstake):

500 DKK: Richard (last name not given), Strasbourg, France
200 DKK: Søren Lund, Valby, Denmark
100 DKK: Morten H. Jensen, Århus, Denmark
100 DKK: John Durden, Tampa, USA
100 DKK: Lance Whitfield, Tucson, USA

Pool 2 (the contest):

500 DKK: R Felton, Vancouver, USA
200 DKK: (only e-mail is given)
100 DKK: Michelle,
100 DKK: Jordy Benson, Ottawa, Canada
100 DKK: Viktor v.d. Meer, Groningen, Netherlands

The e-mail drawing lots (2562 people have recieved an e-mail about the survey):

500 DKK:
200 DKK:
100 DKK:
100 DKK:
100 DKK: G.WISS@xxx.COM