Monday, January 23. 1995

Dear diary!

I just got myself a computer today. It's a grey machine with a typewriter-keyboard and a televison. I bought it second-hand from my brother's teacher's son's wife, who just broke her leg, and therefore had to sell her computer. Well at least, that's what she said, and I think I've almost figured out the connection between her broken leg and the fact, that she sold the computer to me. When I do, I'll let you know.
          The name of the computer is 'Intel inside', and I think that's a fine name - at least I've heard it mensioned lately by the group of boys, who hang out at McDonald's. Some of the boys must to be from out of town - at closingtime I heard some of them say, that they want to go home to their "Mac". Well their Mac's must have long opening hours.
          I think there is something wrong with the computer. I have pressed the bottom on the televison down, but nothing happens. Maybe it's like my old televison - you have to turn it on at 5 minutes before use. Well, yet, I don't know what I'm gonna do with the computer, when I get it turned on - but it looks cool on my bookshelves.
          Oh, mam is calling for diner. I have to go, but I promise you one thing, dear diary, you'll never be digitilized!

Revised 11 June 1999
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